cogito ergo sum.


the weirdest music video i have EVER seen,

but this song gets stuck in my head like every week


we miss you, evann
  • me: i miss evann's big mirror
  • brooke: ugh, i know! me too! that's the only thing i miss about her. well, that & her boobs.
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i dyed my hair lavender but i feel i have to update the rest of my life first before i post pictures.

hopefully tomorrow, but i’m terrible.

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i’ll always be obsessed with your work.

high grandpa

today i went to my grandparents because they are letting me use one of their spare bedrooms as my art studio for the summer. right off i walk in and they are wearing matching shirts and when i commented on this they both look down with a surprised “oh, shit, you’re right”. 

the bedroom they are letting me use has red fucking carpet, which i am so stoked about. each room upstairs has a different color from the rainbow. it’s a dream come true. i’ll take some pictures when i go back tomorrow.

the cherry on top of this whole cake is as i’m sitting down in the kitchen talking with them after i move all of my art supplies upstairs, my grandpa pulls a joint out of one of the cabinets and smokes me up. i could have cried. after, as i was leaving, he hugs me and says “my first grandkid to get high with”.

pictures pictures pictures. i’ll take some tomorrow. i have no service here so i haven’t really been bringing my phone around with me.

it’s a good summer.

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evann is moving out of the apartment we shared together with brooke & breaking up the most beautiful trio of all time :( not only that but she’s spending the entire summer in iowa so it’s going to be awhile before we see her again. we threw her a big going away party, pattern themed, & drank to forget the fact that evann is leaving us. got to see old friends & make new friends. as sad as i am to see evvie leave, it was one hell of a send off!

Best way to end an amazing year at 1845! Couldn’t have asked for better company for a farewell-for-now.

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Amazing video that I shot with the incredible Chris Vongsawat. I have been waiting a while to release it. Enjoy!

If you haven’t seen this rad gender fuck, NSFW video I am in.. You are seriously missing out. Pass it along!


Arguing about books vs. ebooks is like arguing about cake vs. also cake.